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another speck of insignificance.

(but here you are reading about her anyways)

the wonderful wizard of oz
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my name is rhiannon. i go by that or rhia, rheese, or perhaps any other nickname i'm beckoned with. really, i have no preference. and i like the last unicorn, can you tell?

there isn't much to say about me except i'm here to probably whine and if you don't like it don't read it. i lead a pretty sad existence anyway and spend more time focused so inwardly on myself it's a wonder i don't collapse. i write about eating disorder issues, and life, but my life revolves around the aforementioned so really there is one topic here most days. it's pitiful (and i don't condone it). it's not for the glamour; not for the attention; if i wanted that i'd put on make-up and a skirt and flit down 5th ave. i write for my own good because i have a lot of thoughts i find sometimes need to be set down into words, because if they stay in my head i get too full of ideas and i could go more mad than already. (maybe i hope one day i can look back at all this and laugh.)

i'm pretty friendly otherwise.

add me if you want. i may add you back.